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Postby Rummandinho » 29 Jul 2010, 11:39

Some jokes may seem lame :P

Here's a portion from it:


Managed by an ex-drug addict and ex-hero turned villain.. I'm sure this team will do wonders.
Diego Maradona: "Psst.. hey shorty.. Wanna get tall? Try these pills"
Diego Maradona: "That will be 5 goals from you, son"

Diego Maradona's Rules of Thumb:

Get a player over 35 and ask him to show something historic that'll be written on his headstone when he dies
Pass the ball to Messi, he's as awesome as I am and that is without drugs.
I am a good manager cause I think my Pass to Messi can beat any tactics
English Premier League is for pussies
Boca Juniors are the best team in the world, they can even beat Paris Hilton at being whores and changing clubs every week.
Kurt Cobain wasn't the only one who got famous with cocaine
Juan Roman Riquelme sucks cause he plays in La Liga but Juan Sebastian Veron rocks cause he plays for Boca Juniors
Taking 35 year old players from a team named Boca Juniors... Pedophile much?

Lionel Messi:

This amazing player, born in 07/07/1997 is the rebirth of Christ according to Sap Guadiola [or however you spell his name] and Maradona
He's exactly 4 feet tall, with 7 crazy spider liek legs. He can run faster than Usain Bolt in mating season. He can dribble better than Michael Jordan and Maradona put together. He can shoot better than a mad pornstar on viagra. He can score 10 goals in 2 matches. He can play better than Cristiano Ronaldo. He's the Ball D'whore

Only if Xavi is there.

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