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Haven't been on EF for a long time now, but when i was actively posting i would read about so many aspiring footballers pushing themselves to become not only better players, but people as well.

This website was created by a local coach and teacher who used, and continues to use, the motto "PushYourself" to motivate his players and students to strive for something better, to make this world a better place.

PY physically, socially, environmentally and intellectually. Make yourself and this world a better place, one step at a time.
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Nice post, thanks for the link. I'm gonna read and look over this now :wink:
Awesome post. Thanks for that mate
no problem, i felt i had to share this with other people and especially other athletes and footballers....more people gotta realize that when you pushyourself (at training or in the classroom) you inspire others around you to do the same, its small but it goes a long ways.
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Quality post, I love the concept.
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The reason why i am startin this topic and posting these vids is because they show what the game is really about, they show why we watch it, they bring the the little bit of what it used to be, not the corrupt bussinessy political football, the beautiful game that we all know and love.