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Recently, part of the EF community has migrated to the Soccer Shouts forums.


This guy is a video maker, mainly liverpool players, however lately hes been makin vids of other players and other things such as the game itself. here are a couple of vids, i do find them very inspiring.

I love football:

this one is prolly my fav football video of all time, it really makes you think what if sometimes...

The butterfly effect

EDIT: just watched another really good one

The belief of football:

The reason why i am startin this topic and posting these vids is because they show what the game is really about, they show why we watch it, they bring the the little bit of what it used to be, not the corrupt bussinessy political football, the beautiful game that we all know and love.

ElAlonso14 also is a great vid maker and i believe he deserves some form of thanks for makeing vids like these

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OMG, The butterfly effect is sick!!

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Wow, those videos are damn awesome! Especially the Butterfly Effect one, thanks for sharing!

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Some awesome videos dude.
i was made to ignite

Butterfly effect was amazing. Video was fuckin epic
On a different note everyone's pretty good with women when it comes to hookers... well except the sham-wow guy.


I'd stumbled upon his videos before so I'm glad they are being shared.

I actually thought the 'Butterfly Effect' one was a bit boring. The Xavi vs Arsenal one is great though.
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thank you vet much for your valuable contribution. keep sharing info. GOD bless you