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The Final 4.....

panchester07 wrote:
Shalke - Manchester United (0-2)

Real Madrid - Barcelona ....

Just to get this thread started and talking over the semi-finals and your opinions on it..

What an OUTSTANDING performance by United today.. No bias whatsoever.. Manuel Neur saved Shalke soooo many times today, Shots from all angles, directions, shapes, sizes, colors and points of views, individual plays, or combinations between many players.....It was total domination for the first 45 minutes, and the scored could have easily been 0-3 or more by the end of the first half... Little Pea had like 5, he was unlucky at a few, and Neur saved a good pair as well... Brilliant of the ball movements and runs, through balls, 40 yard switches, crosses, and airballs, it was a bombardment.. Shalke looked like they had 5 goal keepers in there... Neur was the star of the match by far, with out a doubt undoubtly. It looked like Shalke didn't have a keepr, they had a damn Cathedral in there!

The second half started in the same way, Giggs, Evra, Carrick and Chicharito having clear cut chances, then the match balanced out and I was upset cause I thought it was gonna end 0-0 Neur had easily saved 7 clear goals .... But then, when the match was leveled, and no team was better than the other, Mr Wazza decides to cut two players, and play a through ball between 4 defenders to Giggs, who finished like the gods, between Neurs legs to become the oldest player to score in champions league.. Finally some justice.. Just when I was catching my breath from celebrating, Rooney gets a break through and finishes brilliantly, to make it 0-2!!!! The match ended that way. United took the foot off the gas, and made a few substitutions to rest the players, and again the game was balanced, and it would end that way...

The result is deceiving, if it weren't for Neur the score would have been 0-8.... United play lovely football with posesion but creating enourmous amount of chances in a constant search for the enemies goal, changes of pace and positions, destroyed Shake's defense, creating atleast 6 clear chances in the first half. a decevious result, but acceptable, thanks to brillaint performance of neur..

Man United have greatly proven what they are made of, whoever goes through, Real Madrid or Barcelona, will find themselves playing against a colossal team in front of them. 0-2 and if it wasn't for Neur it could have been half a dozen easily. Great match for the whole team, but once again I have to take my hat off for Rooney and Giggs.

Football won today, lets hope tomorrow the same thing happens.

Giggs is like a PlayStation 4, impossible to be anybetter! But Rooney was the man of the mach imo.

If you think i'm being biased, look at something's that UEFA is saying:

Dominant United too strong for Schalke

United, appearing in their 12th semi-final, completely dominated a Schalke side new to this stage of the competition and got the victory their efforts deserved through strikes from Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney. The winning margin would have been greater but for the brilliance of home goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who made a string of fine saves before United finally broke through with two goals in three minutes midway through the second period, leaving Schalke with a mountain to climb in next Wednesday's return.

Neur stopped everything today, but he is still looking for Puyol's super-header in the world cup :D

Oh, last comment, in FIFA 11, Rooney should have 100 in long balls, my lord what a precision and what a player!

Always new Neuer was insane.

Him, Reina, Julio Cesar, Joe Hart and Shay Given are the worlds best on their day.

Neuer is defo one for the future. I hear De Gea is a great keeper aswell

"This wasn't ever a red card"
"Pepe went to get the ball"
"it was with no ill intention"

Its true that Pedro and Busquets cried like wankers, and that blows, so does Ronaldo and a few other Madrid players so they have nothing to complain about...

Pepe's red card shouldn't have been Red, should have been black..

If Mourinho doesn't want to play with 10, then freaking control your players, they try to stop Barcelona's football playing to the limit of the rules in the book, yes, in the very limit, ruffing up and being agressive, and the red was totally legal and obvious...

Alves flipped 360 degrees, but "that wasn't a red" .. And let me ASSURE you, that we would have another Aaron Ramsey case, or Edu case if Dani Alves foot was planted on the ground, luckily his leg was in the air and the momentum made him turn, but if he had it flat on the ground that bone would have broken.

What needs to happen for it to be a red now adays?
Do you have to be able to see his bone?
Does he have to be out for 6 months?
Does he need to blackout?

The ref has the responsibility to apply the rules and penalize the actions that are suppose to be, not to mention protect the players. Pepe needed to leave the field and maybe even a few match suspension, he went De JOng.
Albiol was the last defender and Villa was gonna be left alone vs Casillas.... check the rules, thats a red....

In November Sergio Ramos punted the shit out of Messi's knee when he running with the ball, check the book thats a red..

Rather than play the victim and the wanker card, control your players, and maybe even explain to them what is a red, what is a yellow, and what is a clean tackle, cause aparrently they don't know the difference.

And Mourinho's speach after the game.. Wow, the man lost his head, and the respect of so many people ..


Nope, thats not a red, never... :?

to know Him is to want to know Him more"

"i don't know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

it couldve been a red card but why does the whole barcelona team need to surround the referee when its only the captain's job to make dialogue with the referee? it may have been reckless but it looked like a legitimate lunge for the ball and dani alves swung his leg at the ball.....i see it all the time in the premier league and the worst that happens is the player receives a yellow card....football today has become soft...i

EDIT: not just saying that bc of todays game- i think players nowadays are taught to tackle the wrong way
Okay, i agree barcelona players are pansies in surrounding the ref, but you need to accept that this foul was clearly a red, and is a red in spain, and anywhere you go.

Freaking football not kung-fu ..
to know Him is to want to know Him more"

"i don't know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

I just saw the replay. Dani Alves did a good job selling that one. He looked like someone took a hammer to his leg. Had he been hit as hard as his facial expression showed, he should've been subbed off. That being said, it was Pepe's fault. With his reputation as being somewhat of a head hunter, he can't go into tackles like that.

sorry pan you're completely wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EueH4dfwnjE he barely touched him in fact i would say even if his foot was planted it would be a scratch at very best he made the most of it like the whiney kid he is.
well i cant accept it even if it was pepe.....i still dont get why its a red....maybe dani alves should just wear correctly sized shinpads
im glad adebayor and other madrid players started laying those barca players out bc its what they need....might sound a little rash lol
soccer11 wrote:
That being said, it was Pepe's fault. With his reputation as being somewhat of a head hunter, he can't go into tackles like that.

Well he certainly failed at that, "headhunting" :lol:. He clearly missed Dani's head, damn shame.

I am not gonna argue whether there was contact or not when it comes to the foul on alves..........truth be told, busquets and alves are notorious divers in this team but if it was anyone else, I would argue for their innocence to the death!

Secondly, referees fuck up all the time. I just find it hilarious that mourinho completely ignores such huge examples like A) carvalho held valdes so terry could score the winner during 04/05 CL and get away with it and B) abidal got sent off during the 08/09 semi against chelsea because anelka tripped himself when he has to use the "refs favour barca" rant............its just that no one remembers those because we dont make it a habit to bitch about refs.

What really shocked me was how mourinho took a personal shot against pep yesterday. Even pep got tired of mourinho's antics, lost his cool for once and said "fuck" twice in the press room yesterday because mourinho misconstrued his words and said how pep bitches about the refs all the time........when in reality its mourinho who uses referees as a scapegoat all day everyday instead of talking about footy like normal coaches! As these antiguans say.....wah de joke ye a taarl? :lol:

Lastly, I am dieing from laughter at how affelay had to come on because marcelo BLATANTLY stepped on Pedro's leg when he was down and injured him......only to dribble past that brazillian cunt and set up messi for the go ahead goal. I dont follow hinduism, but I think they call that shit karma lmao


also for the people constantly crying about how barca players surround the refs after each and every foul like a broken record........please give me an example outside el clasicos.............go ahead, I give you ALL the time in the world......cause honestly, I just get the feeling all of you formed that opinion AFTER watching their behaviour in this series of clasicos against their most bitter rival :lol:

don't forget about Milito's offside goal for Inter to plant the 3-1 after cambiasso's header to him.....

or bojan's goal that got called off in camp nou, for misterious reason..

that mourinho, selective memory is what he has, only "remembers" the things that are convenient, forgetting the many favours he has gotten...

he plays this little ref game all year..

conditioning them time after time...

"im scared, im scared that someone will foul ronaldo and injured him"

he said that in the beginning of the year, conditioning the ref's to protect ronaldo by being harsh on defenders that try and mark him..

"we are gonna train with 10 men because we always play like this against barcelona"

thats an excuse, and a pressure on the ref, its a double jab, pressuring him to be more cautious on his calls on more tolerant with madrid's agression.. thiss man is pityfull and a profesional but-hurt sore loser.

and i HOPE that he can control his players and tell them to not commit silly fouls like the one we saw today, so they can play all game with 11, and likely loose, to see what excuse he's gonna come up with.....

"oh, oh, its MAY duh, i lost cause we're in may"
to know Him is to want to know Him more"

"i don't know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

Barca are supported by refs more than other clubs. Dont give me the 'we are attacked more than others' thing. Everyone gets on the wrong end of a bad mistake and believe me Barca is not the worst.

Is it a coincidence that the two best teams on earth also have the easiest jobs with refs? Man U and Barca...is it also suss that they are both in this final (virtually). It sucks but you need to admit (fans of these clubs) that you get the favour ALOT. Why?

1. More notorious divers in the team
2. Because you are the best. Thats right the best.

Its rubbish I know when these teams either con, or get 'lucky' on a more prevelant basis that others. But this isnt why are the best. Its because they whoop plenty of ass in there corresponding seasons and do it in style. The package of pressured refereeing comes with the great work these teams too.

On the topic of managers. Jose is great manager but a world class wanker. Everyone knows that. Pepe shouldnt have been a yellow, but hes a bloody maniac every second day, which brings and impression of malice in the refs mind when they seem him tackle.

I dont really know where to start with Pep. He seems like a wanker, ass kisser and good guy all rolled in one. He's a far way off Mourinhos class in terms of management thats for sure. A legless desert monkey could do that mans job.

SAF is a drunken wanker himself, but a class, classsss manager. 3 generations of champs. Awesome. I hate saying that.

More than half of that Barca side are tossers. Some players like Busquets lap up the plaudits for really doing jack all in a game. I love Masch but hes a dimwit whinger.

And Real are the same. Cronnie. Where do I begin.

Someone get me a beer. "The Classico" is just oozing with pansies tonight.
You are bitching about divers like its a new thing :lol:

Are you kidding me? Everyone dives now. I thought it was accepted as a tragic yet old fact. Even Gerrard who bitched people out for diving many years ago, dove like a pansy on plenty of occasions. I single him out because hypocrites are always a hilarious example.

However, perhaps these teams have more notorious divers because they are on the best teams.........think about it......The evil ones playing on the best teams are more popular and thus, have a higher chance at achieving notoriety for their actions in comparison to those in teams that are not as popular. In any case, it still doesn't detract from the fact that every team has a bunch of divers and their counterpart: the hackers.

I dont really know where to start with Pep. He seems like a wanker, ass kisser and good guy all rolled in one. He's a far way off Mourinhos class in terms of management thats for sure. A legless desert monkey could do that mans job.

Wow, you make it sound like anyone can coach an extremely demanding team and break a shit load of records on top of it. Amazing :lol:

I was expecting concrete arguments backed up by facts. In reality, all I see is an irrelevant whiny rant, berating people left and right.

Barca are supported by refs more than other clubs. Dont give me the 'we are attacked more than others' thing. Everyone gets on the wrong end of a bad mistake and believe me Barca is not the worst.

:lol: Oh goodness, that was never my point of argument, eh? I never said shit about us being victimized more than other teams. I reiterate for you though, "referees fuck up all the time". I am just saying referees are humans so they make mistakes......its not like he can call a third umpire to use technology and help him out like in cricket.

Enjoy this video highlighting examples of how referees dont have a 100% track record in making correct calls as proof.........key emphasis on the word "mistakes" here.........If we were being victimized, I am sure this fellow would have used the word "conspiracy"

According to you, Barca gets more call than others and we can argue this all day because I'd really like to hear examples....but it would be fucking pointless if you misconstrue my words.

shahensha wrote:
B) abidal got sent off during the 08/09 semi against chelsea because anelka tripped himself[/b] when he has to use the "refs favour

Was that the same game that was a "f****** disgwace", the one where Chelsea were robbed? I think it might have been?

And as for Pep, i apologise I was to harsh. Hes a good manager. But dude, he strides into a side thats set bruzzz. A team with a solidified Catalonia base, a blooming Messi and David Villa and friends pleading to come play.

The records were going to be broken, please admit that! and as for demanding players...the players are obviously happy enough to sit around on the bench week in week out because that starting 11 is virtually the same...EVERY GAME! Afellay is the only one ive heard whose bitched, and if hes annoyed he can piss off, theyve got a good enough team.

And dont bring the video out mate, ive watched the first 3 minutes and ive seen enough. They are not dives but they arent penalties either. Similar to that Gerrard video everyone likes to whip out. Alot is falling over with momentum.

"But the controversy!!...LOOK AT THOSE MISTAKES THE REF MADE!!! they couldve been 9-0 instead of 8-0!"

Those few goals could cost them mate
What a great game though! Any doubt over the Messi vs Ronaldo debate should be settled by now.

I agree that Dani Alves made a meal of it, but seriously Pepe, you can't go into challenges like that, especially not against a Brazilian (especially Dani).

Did anyone see in the press room a few days ago when Guardiola was being questioned? He broke down and was reduced to swearing because of Mourinho's mind games, admitting that Jose' had one the 'off the field battle'.
Everything you need, is already inside.

But I have to say that it amazes me that EVERY time Barca wins an important knockout game, there is something controversial, something to discuss afterwards.. You cant possible mean that its because the other teams are jealous or something. Barcelona tend to get away with alooot, on the pitch and of the pitch.. Im absoulutly sure that everyone wouldnt be that sure about a red card if it had been Alves who made the tackle on Pepe, Im not sayiing that it shouldnt been a red card though.



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