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Adidas Teamgeist

I just got an Adidas Teamgeist match ball from eBay, and I saw some things that made me doubt its authenticity. First the ball's thermal bonding is uneven at places, and in most places it’s even coming out. Second there are some winkles on the ball (I haven't pumped it up yet). But it was from a reputable seller and there is an authenticity sticker on it. Hope you guys can help, thanks.
Call the seller or addidas i'm not sure what we could do.
Well I just wanted to know if anyone else had the ball. That way they can tell me if what's on my ball is normal or not.
Call Adidas ask if they send their real ones to the place. I'm curious who these people are now.
I think it's more of a ball that he kept and is now selling. I highly doubt they make them anymore because it wasn't the world cup teamgeist.

It was this one
there are some winkles on the ball

Lol your ball has a winkle.
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klc123 wrote:
there are some winkles on the ball

Lol your ball has a winkle.

Wrinkles not winkles haha.
Nobody has answered so let me try to ask this in another way. Does anybody else have an Adidas Teamgeist ball? Is it suppposed to have wrinkles? Do they go away when pumped up?
Bump, come on I know I saw someone talking about having the same ball somewhere...