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Sports is so expensive here...

I used to think Australia was a sports mad country. But sports is like a luxury good here! You would think sports should be available to everyone and be subsidized or something.

I have to pay $325 per season to the FFV for one season. And thats also I am lucky that I am a university student and get a discount. Other people have to about $450. That is a lot! I was even fine with this...since you are paying for the whole season and get to play a lot of games.

Then UniGames comes around. I so wanted to go to Geelong for this year's Southern Uni games...but it costs about $350-400! That is crazy! :( And the tournament is only for three days....

Anyway just wanted to vent...what do you guys think?
I also live down under, it's an absolute rip off in Australia.

Here's an article Craig Foster wrote which I found very good - http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/australi ... me-we-love

I have to pay $200 just for rego', which isn't too bad, but for poorer families like mine it's crazy. If I want the team shorts and socks, I'll have to pay another $40 all up. Then they sell merchandise which is a rip, give us a free bag/jacket or something, where's the generosity?

That's just for my local amateur team, if I want to play rep'/semi-pro, the team rego' costs $1050, then another $600 if you want to play in the pre-season cup. You have to make your own way to all the games, on your own petrol, no team bus. You don't even know if your going to play a full game in the whole season. I know someone who payed all the rego', and played only one game the whole season, and sat on the bench the other 15 or so games (sucks to be a reserve keeper).

It's ridiculous. I have to pay $200+ for my team, and we only play a 14 round comp + semi's/grand final.
Everything you need, is already inside.

Mines $300 a season, also in Victoria. I played FFV champions league a couple of years ago, and that was $600 a season. I agree with you guys, its absolutely ridiculous, I do feel for families who aren't exactly loaded. I think its mainly with families who have 2-3 or more kids who want to play football, they would have to come up with well over a thousand dollars a year. I always thought football should transcend those barriers
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Sounds like the USA. Here being on a good club team can cost anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 a season that is for uniforms, ref costs, etc. In the USA playing a lot of games and tournaments seems to be preferred so add in travel costs and its a lot more.

It is ridiculous I know some kids who play on these types of teams. Some kids travel an hour just to get to practice. Gas prices have been pretty high around here lately so that is another expense.

I think the basic uniform shirt, shorts, socks, should be free. If a player wants anything extra like a warm up suit or jacket then charge for it. If something happens and the player needs another uniform then charge for it, but the initial home and away kit should be free.

Here is an example of fees. U-14 and up is anywhere from $900-$1400 plus 4-5 tournaments. For the tournaments think about flights, hotels, food thats just more money!! I'm sure they get discounts for hotels and flights for a team/group but still its expensive http://blast-fc.org/club-fees
you guys are lucky, my parents pay around 2500-3000, i believe they pay close to 280 a month and they do that for like 9 months out of the year. Complete rip off but its all about those travel expenses
collin wrote:
you guys are lucky, my parents pay around 2500-3000, i believe they pay close to 280 a month and they do that for like 9 months out of the year. Complete rip off but its all about those travel expenses

Your lucky your parents are willing to pay it!
Everything you need, is already inside.

shit i'm in the same position as collin. every month theres a new cheque and i wince every time i write it. luckily, i'm a tight bastard so i don't spend very much money on anything else like clothes or food or technology.
Agreed guys, some of the best players in the world have come from underprivileged backgrounds (Pele, Maradona, Zidane etc). And Australia wonders in amongst all of our ethnic minorities, why we cant seem to find a Maradona to complete the the socceroos.
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exactly right, this is why brazil and other countries have so much talent. The kids grow up there playing football everyday because football is there way out of poverty (also because its fun of course) Plus we have everything we want, its easy for us to be lazy, we can sit on our computers or walk up to the fast food restaurant. Im not sure there is a whole lot more to do then football there. I would love to visit these streets they play in
Yeah exactly. At my university(one of the biggest in australia), the best skillful soccer players are the international ones(maybe not fitness wise). But they are unwilling to pay over $300 a year to just play soccer...on top of having to pay $20,000 a year for their university fees.
The university is losing out on so many good players.