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Discuss Pitol's Parte II

What do you think about Murilo Dalvi Pitol's Let me introduce myself!!! Parte II?

that was pretty good....u showed good control of ur tricks, and a few short combos and u look pretty young ......
i dont know if anyone else can hear it, but i can hear the "slap" noise when u juggle the ball.....try to erase that from ur vids....other than that....it was pretty good......
The meaning of "PERSERVERANCE" is trying to master a freestyle trick that you just can't seem to do.......

australian freestyle crew "FDU"'s website..check it out...


It was good very good especially seeing ur young (I think) age.
pretty good video, decent enough for me. maybe you would have done better in shoes though and the slow mo was unnecessary.



i agree good video it would have been better with shoes but either good job btw the song phewwwwwwwww i strongly dislike eminem its all bout paul wall!
good vid
.*.* .El club más grande en el mundo, los madrid reales serán De nuevo los Campeones europeos .*.*.

man u def have some talent there i would like to see more
man do i wish i was as good as Ronaldinho

you got some nice skillz for ur age
as O4E said the replays were uneccessary 8)
u straight bro ;)
Posted by TheoO