Discuss Pitol's Parte II

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Discuss Pitol's Parte II

Postby expert » 20 Oct 2005, 06:51

What do you think about Murilo Dalvi Pitol's Let me introduce myself!!! Parte II?
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aZn freestyler
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Postby aZn freestyler » 20 Oct 2005, 11:52

that was pretty good....u showed good control of ur tricks, and a few short combos and u look pretty young ......
i dont know if anyone else can hear it, but i can hear the "slap" noise when u juggle the ball.....try to erase that from ur vids....other than that....it was pretty good......
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Postby Tierney » 20 Oct 2005, 11:53


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Postby peps1154 » 20 Oct 2005, 12:16

It was good very good especially seeing ur young (I think) age.

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Postby Owen4ever » 21 Oct 2005, 00:06

pretty good video, decent enough for me. maybe you would have done better in shoes though and the slow mo was unnecessary.

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Postby R9KEvinR9 » 21 Oct 2005, 00:10

i agree good video it would have been better with shoes but either good job btw the song phewwwwwwwww i strongly dislike eminem its all bout paul wall!

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Postby RAYES » 22 Oct 2005, 04:49

good vid
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Postby angelo10 » 31 Oct 2005, 15:20

man u def have some talent there i would like to see more
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Postby Shenker » 02 Nov 2005, 23:41

you got some nice skillz for ur age
as O4E said the replays were uneccessary 8)

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Postby brunetziku » 23 Jun 2006, 04:04

u straight bro ;)
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