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Hyundai A-League

Postby Nicko » 25 Oct 2005, 08:01

Are there any Australians on here? How do you think the new A-League is coming along? I reckon the only competition is between Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne, forget about the rest.

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Postby MickyD#9 » 25 Oct 2005, 10:42

Newcastle Jets all the way 8)

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no way

Postby lucas2411 » 17 Nov 2005, 06:01

I'm aussie, its close between everyone man, the only team that arent in it are New Zealand Nights, they are useless, worse than a premier division team!

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Postby Kew » 03 Jan 2006, 11:58

yup i follow the a-league
i support sydney FC and NZknights.

sydney vs adel finals i reckon.
be good if it's sydney vs melbourne thou

mr dwight yorke vs socceroos archie thompson (provided he doesnt go to the AFC qualifers)

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Postby The Finisher » 14 Feb 2006, 07:55

at the time im posting this adelaide and sydney are 2-2 on aggregate after the first leg at hindmarsh stadiuum(adelaide) i will die if adelaide doesn't get through to the finals

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kamil k
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Postby kamil k » 20 Sep 2006, 10:52

Adelaide are definetly the best in the league,

stuff da rest!

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Postby kRiScO » 26 Sep 2006, 12:05

Sydney FC to win it.... again.
it's not called the world game for nothing....

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Postby gunnerz23 » 27 Sep 2006, 03:26

Melbourne are the best. We have a sh**load of brazilian imports.
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Postby tomsta911 » 22 Oct 2006, 20:34

MELBOURNE VICTORY all the way they have been playing awsome
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Postby Nestapernambucano » 28 Mar 2007, 22:55

Being from Sydney I have to support Sydney FC. However I love the way Newcastle plays and the grit of Adelaide (Costanzo is aweome). Hopefully, from Sydneys prospective Branko CUlina keeps up the good work and we continue to play great football. We aren't quite there yet.

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Postby belija91 » 10 May 2007, 06:00

I'm from Sydney and I support Sydney FC. The A-League gets better every year and in my opinion Australia is slowly but surely going to adopt Football as the prime national sport.

Before the 2006 WC Australian football wasn't taken seriously. But people have to understand Australia is a very culturaly diverse country. There are too many nationalites to mention that are a part of the country, well renowned footballing countries such as Italy for example. A large majority of footballers that play football in Australia are actually not of Australian/British decent, just Australian nationality like me.
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Postby joe07 » 19 Feb 2008, 10:29

i'm form England and we get A-league highlights on sky sports+ i think theres a live match soon. I like the way perth glory play so i sort of support them

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Postby Alexio1092 » 19 Feb 2008, 10:46

joe07 wrote:i'm form England and we get A-league highlights on sky sports+ i think theres a live match soon. I like the way perth glory play so i sort of support them

What do you think of the A-League in general? When Glory are in-form, they're actually quite interesting to watch, everyone expects them to roll-over and die, then they come back & beat Adl. Utd 3-2, and the Jets (in the GF this Sunday, 4pm), 4-1!!

What do you really think of Aussie football compared to Premier League & C'ship matches etc? Reckon we could pummel Coventry City 5-0 like WBA did over the weekend in the FA Cup? :P

Football is feverishly taking over the Hunter Region as the dominant sport, it's certainly taken over our school almost, haha. Rugby players are now a minority (hell yeah!! :P), footballers just seem to be the higher/moral intellectuals around here..whereas Rugby players quite realistically seem to be like "LOLZ ROUND BALL KICK RLY HARD LOLOL HAHAHAHAHAH DROOL ME LIKEY BOOBIES"..that's a completely accurate representation of Rugby players in our year/school.. :wink:

The grand-final should be bloody awesome this weekend, pity I can't go, study & work-exp. :(

Anyone else from aussie going? Prime-time to revive this subject as the Grand-Final is coming up this Sunday!!

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Postby Had2bHarry » 19 Feb 2008, 11:10

I think Im gonna go for the jets. Despite their ugly uniforms, I like some of their players (Joel Griffiths-awesome). I have a feeling the jets are gonna win it.
Perth Glory are the strangest minute they're at the dead bottom of the table, next they're flogging the crap out of everyone. They beat Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the CCM. Im very dissapointed Melbourne didnt make the finals :cry: but ah well.
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Postby joe07 » 19 Feb 2008, 11:46

In general i think its an exciting league, from what i've seen it seems to be very attacking play constantly which is a lot more interesting to watch.
Compared to the premier league i think at times it can be better because of the attacking style, obviously there arent really any globally known players like the EPL but in the future maybe they will come. I regularly go to watch English league two games ( three leagues below the premier league) and i often get bored as the teams are to afraid to attack. In my opinion football in Australia has taken off quicker than say in America. When i go to Australia this christmas i really want to see a match!

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