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Discuss Luigi Freestyle I

What do you think about Luigi's first video?

it was ok considerin the amount of space had. keep it up
hey not bad. Nice work in the tight space
i didn't like anything in this video i'm sorry. the only thing i liked about it was that the music reminded me of FIFA 2002. That game was pretty fun.



arr it was okay not the greatest....1-10 probly a 4 or 5

lol that music reminds me of the old fifa too!!

yeh...that was ok.....considering the amount of space u have....
u've got the basics...now learn some harder tricks and get some combos together......keep it up....

PS....the knee bounce thing at the end....do u guys think thats good to put in a vid???
The meaning of "PERSERVERANCE" is trying to master a freestyle trick that you just can't seem to do.......

australian freestyle crew "FDU"'s website..check it out...

the video was alright but yeah the music does remind me of fifa and thats an awsome game not as good as 2006
man do i wish i was as good as Ronaldinho

it was alright you did better than i could have done in that tight tight space
keep practicing
Hmm that video was ok, considering the amount of space you had as other poeple have said, just some advice for future videos:

1. Please edit the video, i know you have put titles and credits but the sound of a ball bouncing of your body and off the floor ruins the video and over-rides the music, which is the thing thats nicer to listen to.

and 2. Although you have a very nice style I think you should improve on some of your tricks and learn some new ones before making another video, and for gods sake, if you have a garden or a place with more space freestlye there, it gives you more possibilities.

Do this and you should be good. :)
you had good moves but your style while executing them felt a bit awkward. i didn't feel the fluency that a freestyler should have.
on the good side though, you had little space and still managed to get a katw
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

not bad but sloppy
u`re ok.. hehe funny melody
Posted by TheoO

i didnt really like it....
no real rhythm/flow
u looked really crammed up, which i guess is understandable considering the amount of room u had

but the up side is that the music was good :D