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Discuss Colin Borden's video

Postby expert » 28 Nov 2005, 06:42

What do you think about Colin Borden's video?
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aZn freestyler
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Postby aZn freestyler » 28 Nov 2005, 10:37

it wasnt the best.......2 atws (one from a stall), 1 crossover, 2 neckstalls and 2 facny flickups......the rest was juggling....and mess-ups....

90% of it was thigh juggling...... :shock:

next time,....edit ur clips....u showed ur stuff-ups and u dropped the ball many times..........

overall.....i think it was average....keep it up though....keep practicing... :wink:
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Postby Sputnik » 28 Nov 2005, 20:21

agreed, edit ur clips a bit better. i saw an atw n crossover, pretty decent, and a few flick ups. I think u could do better if you worked on ur juggling and control, cos the v limited trix u did do looked ok.

Some of the best thigh juggling i seen on this site....ever :lol: keep at it
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Postby waynroony » 28 Nov 2005, 20:48

Sputnik wrote:Some of the best thigh juggling i seen on this site....ever :lol: keep at it

that is a nice way of putting it.. i guess
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Postby R9KEvinR9 » 01 Dec 2005, 01:23

uh i guess it was ok for as 12 year old keep it up.

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lil italy
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Postby lil italy » 12 Dec 2005, 06:47

keep practicing n u will get it down pact

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Postby brunetziku » 21 Jun 2006, 04:58

:) nice for ur age
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