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Discuss Josh Blatchford's video

Postby expert » 25 Jan 2006, 18:52

What do you think about Josh Blatchford's video?
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Postby Sputnik » 25 Jan 2006, 20:12

haha ive told josh wat i think of this already. he has made a decent beginners vid but needs to work on his lower body. i liked the entertainment of the vid but he shouldnt do it in the dark and needs to work on his range. however, overall like the vid and music :)
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Postby Supqtays » 25 Jan 2006, 20:51

Lol @ the dance, cute.
Gotta keep it up man ;)

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Postby mustahfa10 » 25 Jan 2006, 23:25

hmmmm well, this was horrible. gotta work on your control and tricks. that whole macarena thing looked stupid, and it was pointless.

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Postby MickyD#9 » 26 Jan 2006, 00:12

hey man keep at it....that hotstepper needs 2 be practiced more.

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Postby supersyed » 28 Jan 2006, 10:11

I guess this aint to bad for a beginners video. Got to work on it though.
Just keep practicing :wink:
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Postby Ivan » 28 Jan 2006, 18:50

i didnt think it was that good but keep practising man youll get better :wink:

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Postby R9KEvinR9 » 28 Jan 2006, 19:21

Wow if this was a serious vid boy do you suck balls no offense. Keep practicing though.

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Postby Roonablo » 29 Jan 2006, 12:47

R9KEvinR9 wrote:Wow if this was a serious vid boy do you suck balls no offense. Keep practicing though.

That's such a great way to show encouragement *boy you suck balls* He's a beginner he's just starting out. Josh you know you have to work on your skills but you can do it, all you need is some practise and a bit of encouragement something that a few people aren't prepared to give.
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lil italy
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Postby lil italy » 29 Jan 2006, 22:06

R9KEvinR9 wrote:Wow if this was a serious vid boy do you suck balls no offense. Keep practicing though.

that was a bit hars and unnecessary. but yer, he does need peractice

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Postby Dek » 30 Jan 2006, 22:02

Ye I would say that you need more practise but dont worry there is plenty of time and you look quite young. I am only 14 but I have only started growing for about 2 Years and stuff comes a lot easier as you grow. Just practise juggling the ball. On my first day trying it I could keep it up for over 100 touchs and now my max is 2363. Good Luck though.
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Postby tyler191 » 09 Feb 2006, 00:15

it was a good try but i agree with everyone else u need practice but im a beginner too n i need practice to ull get there


gAbEs r00ts
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Postby gAbEs r00ts » 09 Feb 2006, 18:49

Good job for a beginer keep going and practice alot and you will be good.

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my video

Postby cabbage » 12 Feb 2006, 09:12

thanks for all your comments well part from one nob

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Postby ROBERTINHO » 18 Feb 2006, 14:01


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