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Discuss Mouns freestyle

What do you think about Mouns' freestyle video?

This is a F U C K I N G noob video !!! it's too long and there is no combo. My mother is better than you. :twisted: You must work very hard if you want to be better. Good luck :?
:D yes really like it ,i think this is a new way of freestyle ,including hand and rotations . :lol: i heard he's making a new video with new tricks and combos for the next time.
But the new clown style have nothing to do with soccer in circus it would be good but in soccer it sucks

The video is really bad
Hate clown videos like this
i'm not agree with you ,i think this style is different ,but think about the work for doing this ! it must be hard .he's a begginner but he knows tricks . :D :oops: :P
mouns is one of my friend ,and i know his movie ;don't laught :oops:
But have u seen any freestyler that use hands in freestyle and call it football freestyle .This aint basketball,circus,handball.
he was a goal when he was young, like fabien barthez .
omg :x being respectful, there are plenty worse vids on this site. he does some nice upperbody neckstalls, and a good atw and htw ability. the handspinning thing is good to watch in moderation (like there is here), and in my opinio the spinning the ball on the thing on the mouth (lol :lol: ) was actually heavy. it wasnt overlong like some of the other beginner vids, i liked it. :) keep it up
  ¸.·´¸.·´¨)    ¸.·*¨)
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my sister can freestyle better than you :!: :!: :!:
i thiunk its a decent vid as it has a new style that i like.keep it up m8, and dont worry about those others puttin u down. they are just being rude.

guess what, the people in this video can actually juggle a football!!! which is more than i can say about most other videos on this site.



well there is a lot of newbie vids but its cool, they deserve to get feedback n stff, but yer, when there is good advanced vids thenit is much appreciated

practice needed ;)
Posted by TheoO

cmon lads.. hes obviously a beginner so give him some credit... it wasnt THAT bad