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Type of shoe

Type of shoe you use for freestyle?
Indoor shoes  54%  (15 votes)
Outdoor cleats  25%  (7 votes)
Running/cross training shoe  14%  (4 votes)
Other  7%  (2 votes)
What type of shoe do you all freestyle with?
I prefer indoor shoes because i can control the ball best when i wear them. Also i can pull of tricks like atw better when i wear indoor shoes.

why is that because they have a wider base? What kind do you use like t90 adidas..?
Running shoes... But they are thick from the bottom, which sometimes could be a problem when doing ATW or that sort.
i like indoor soccer shoes... some where you can feel the ball alot
medved wrote:
why is that because they have a wider base? What kind do you use like t90 adidas..?

I have the T90 III and i get a better feel for the ball and i can feel the ball hit my foot when i juggle.

Ya those are sweet . Gonna get them soon :D
try the nike first touch fs....
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This is a good topic. Very helpful. (for me, anyway)
I freestyle with t90 shifts. Probably not the best, but they are good.

Sorry for asking this silly question. I just need some opinions before I decide to buy one.

Okay back to the question, I usually play futsal and i was thinking if it's better to use indoor or outdoor shoes.

I've tried the outdoor shoes before and consider trying an indoor ones on a futsal turf. Has anyone tried using indoor shoes on a futsal turf (grass)?

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Thats not a silly question at all, heiky0711 :D

I would recommend that you use indoor shoes because if you used outdoor shoes on turf it may hurt your shins and your feet. Besides, I think that the whole point of cleats is to get better traction so you won't fall, but you won't fall on turf, so use indoor shoes.
i use runners to juggle in because i dont have the proper futsal shoes...
are they worth getting? because i want to see a bit of an improvement in my juggling and overall touch
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i freestyle with nike 90s turf. They are awesome shoes


A pair of indoor sambas worked in with lose laces i think is the best choice for freestyling because of the wide base of the shoe and the soft swade touch.
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i use the nike first touch 1 shoes!
they look nice and the ball feeling in this shoes is great!