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Best team in Europe at the moment

Which team is the best in Europe at the moment?
Poll ended at 04 Oct 2006, 00:00
Barcelona  36%  (5 votes)
Chelsea  0%  (0 votes)
Lyon  21%  (3 votes)
AC Milan  7%  (1 votes)
Inter  0%  (0 votes)
Real Madrid  14%  (2 votes)
Man Utd  14%  (2 votes)
Arsenal  7%  (1 votes)
still think they should be on there. if we beat chelsea, then why not?
Fight for the name on the front, n they'll remember the name on the back.

^Vote please? :)

I totally agree that they should be on there but not as the best team!!

Dude...I can't beleive sevilla aren't even thought about in that post. I'd say that Sevilla would be the strongest team in europe. Their style of play can defeat anyone and it just goes to show with them so high in the la liga. They have won the UEFA Cup 2 times in a row! That is a pretty hard feat. I know it's not the Champions League but wait for next season if Sevilla still have their same team and maybe a few good buys.
Liverpool's style of play doesn't work amazing in the premier league, but it does n CL. That's why they are doing well. I think to find the best team, you have to rate team by themselves instead of comparing them to other team, which is a rock, paper, scissors affair.

Right now, Arsenal are gelling very well, Chelsea may be good later on, what with the good new defenders. Barcelona are always a threat. Real Madrid are playing great football at the moment.
The best team in form at the moment are Barcelona, unfortunatley there is no messi because he is injured, either arsenal or barca will win it