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Postby Had2bHarry » 27 Jan 2009, 05:41

Archies my favourite player in the Aleague by far. But I have to ask- do the exciting names Rukavytsya, Simon, Minnicon, Cole, Zullo, Smeltz etc. not do it for you either?
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Postby Anymi » 27 Jan 2009, 07:23

Cole looks great. He is an inspiration to guys who think they cant go pro after there teen years go.
Rukya, is okayyyyy......
Smeltz is from NZ
Zullo will be good in the future and so is that guy from Adelaide last year who plays for AEK Athens I forget. Griffiths too.

Man I forgot alot of half decent players. Alot havent really pleased me from the Aleague.

Cant wait till Robbie comes!!!

BTW are you a chick, coz if u are thats awsome how you know all this stuff.

Sorry I checked your profile. Your a really really pretty girl who loves Liverpool and comes from Aus!! I must be dreaming.

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Postby ninjafootballer » 10 Jul 2009, 22:15

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Aus are currently rank 16th! Their highest ever! (All with a dutch coach). :D

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Postby james_torres9 » 11 Jul 2009, 02:36

geez thats crazy, only some time ago we were ranked like 34 or something :D
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