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Discuss James Gillespie

What do you think about James Gillespie's video?
Tell me what you think of the video..
I could't see the end of the video :(

Wow... it was impressive for a beginner. How long have you been practicing? When you did all of your moves, they were very clean, and nice to watch, and the clips were long, so I really got the feeling you knew what you were doing. Making the hoop on the basketball court was impressive, and the ball in the backpack made me chuckle. Good work, I hope to see more videos coming from you!
Cheers , Glad ya liked the vid. I havnt been practising long ,I started around 6 months ago, I dont practise often ,i usually just learn loads of tricks in a few days and then i wouldnt practise any for months then ,ya know.
Yeah i must make more videos surley.
i like you style! it looks very good!
keep it up
I will be makin a new video soon..
I can't wait to see how much you have improved. I hope you can pull some sweet moves.
Mattsta-"There would be no point in freestyle if we knew all the tricks from the start. The fact that we had to practise to get them pays off because in the end we have earnt it."