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How many soccer balls do you own?

How many soccer balls do you own?
Poll ended at 01 Jul 2005, 04:46
1  9%  (1 votes)
2  36%  (4 votes)
3  9%  (1 votes)
4  0%  (0 votes)
5  45%  (5 votes)
I got 4 puncturd 1s outside, wich i use 2 practice with my dogs. Otherwise I got a roteiro wich I keep indoors, n a mitre wich is realy messd up. Already had 2 punctures wich I pachd up using super glue and piece of bladder frm another ball. And just punctured my adidas f50 xite, too bad I cant pach it up. Thats the problem with expensive balls, 1 hole and its gone. Only usd that ball 4 1 week. :cry:
Too much power.

i own 5 T90 swift balls and there just amazing on street or grass :D
Heh, chumps, I have more than 10 soccer balls, but then again I have a family of 7 and 6 of us play soccer...

i don't even have 1 is there any 1 who will give me for free

hey man if you lived anywhere near me i would give you a few ... i have altogether around the 20 mark
i had around 20 in my life time but they all are flat and useless now... :x so i have to play with a basketball now which kinda hurts my foot :cry:
well currently i have 3 soccer balls, i had 4 but my juggling ball apparently got stolen during a game i had on the weekend. One of them are a world cup ball (Germany's) the other it the 10R ball and the last one is one i got for my birthday that i bring to practices now so nobody screws up my good ball :wink:.
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I only have one ball for now..... This is because i just started using my new ball that has been sitting in the closet for a long time ha ha and it is also because i just started doing juggling and actually using my ball. But i am soon getting another one.
i finally got a new ball :lol: :)

lol i got 15 .
i thornes in my garden and i love kicking so i broke 12 . i still have 3

I only own one :cry: . It's a Mitre. Not too bad (much better than my old one, it was soooo heavy, what company is it from...). I could use another one, like a softer one.
I got 2 that i have to share with my brothers this years champions league replica and a pretty good Adidas one
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i've got at least 8

I have 4
3 are popped n i got a free crappy batterd up umbro ball of my team as our sponsors bought us new equipment
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^Vote please? :)

i have one black nike ball (geo merlin or something?) and a white/orange T90 Swift, My teamgeist Hardground was stolen.