Colorful soccer balls?

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Colorful soccer balls?

Postby arturas » 12 Apr 2007, 23:37

I just have a question, some people say to me that colorful balls like a yellow and a blue colored soccer ball helps them to preform the tricks easier. Is it just because you can see the ball really well or what?

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Postby gnarlyjim » 13 Apr 2007, 01:04

I've never heard of that...

I do know that the high-vis. balls are used when the conditions make it difficult to see less vibrant coloured balls.

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Postby ROIUSA » 13 Apr 2007, 01:12

i doubt that it makes tricks easier, i do agree that the hi-vis balls are much easier to see and i always prefer them.
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Postby Trainer09 » 13 Apr 2007, 01:42

The kid who said that is an idiot. no offense to anyone. Just saying who ever made that, made a very dumb comment

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Postby adnankhan » 13 Apr 2007, 03:08

this make no sense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maybe he was trying to be u r master or trying to show he knows a lot about soccer....

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Postby arturas » 13 Apr 2007, 10:15

well i guess so..... thanks

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Postby AlenHristov » 08 May 2008, 20:31

that's false arturas :)

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Postby soccer11 » 08 May 2008, 22:24

don't post in dead topics, especially when the post you made was as useless as yours just was. none of the people who even replied in this topic really even post here anymore

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