"Ball" repair

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"Ball" repair

Postby Maikel » 21 Apr 2007, 03:29

I just bought one of those McGregor balls from Walmart and its slightly misshapen. I was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to make it back into what it should be -- a sphere.
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Postby ftbllrckr » 21 Apr 2007, 03:34

Heres a tip. It worked for me. Take out all of the air. Press down on the sides except the odd one (the one bulging out) and put the air back. Then press the bulging side again. Deflate the inflate. Repeat. Here's another tip. return the ball and get another. another one, never buy a wal-mart ball except Mitres, adidas, or any others that are more than about $10 bucks.


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Postby Soccer4Life » 21 Apr 2007, 18:36

I'm going to move this to Footballs :wink:

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Postby Viduka » 22 Apr 2007, 11:17

Tip: Never buy a Nike ball.

Adidas, and Mitres are the best. I bought this amazing Mitre Vapor. Im starting to think its limited edition or something seeing as I cant find pictures on the net. So I had to upload it quite a while ago on the EF Forums

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Postby ftbllrckr » 22 Apr 2007, 15:37

Mitre Fusions aren't so bad either. They are cheaper, and pretty light. It's the one I have.

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Postby Sputnik » 13 Jan 2008, 19:18

ok, old thread, but its better this than creating a new'n.

i have the same problem as the topic subject post, but the thing is i cant see where the bulge is. i mean its not like a square or even a basketball where there arent pannels, in the ball theres dips n dents everywhere so its hard to see which individual pannel is bulged/dented.

#1 is there any other methods of repair
#2 how can i find the bulge?
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