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AC Milan vs Liverpool who will WIN ?

Liverpool definitely deserves to be ahead right now. They have outplayed Milan the whole first half, and that goal should have been disallowed on account of hand ball. And now comes the second half.

Well it's over now in the 81' or 82' with another goal by Inzaghi. Looks like Milan have won.

holy crap Kuyt just scored in the 88' minute and it's now 2-1 Milan!!! Liverpool better hurry up and get a goal or they are out....

Hahah I am turning into live commentary!

Well that's it, congratz Milan. Not sure they deserved it but it doesn't really matter to me. :)

hard luck for the pool. they were the better team for most of the game but what can you do. milans 2nd goal was very good. much more difficult than it looked, and obviously that was the difference
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i started watching the game at the 74th minute and i seen the two last goals but i believe that that liverpool controlled more of the ball but they were caught getting countered attacked many times and i believe they should have won....I also seen that peter crouch didnt go in untill very late in the game I believe that crouch is worth more then that and he should have gone in around the 60th minute all in all wat i have seen it was a good game
Milan won , I felt they deserved to win , even though Liverpool had all that possesion , It doesnt matter how much u have but how much u do with it and AC Milan took advantage of the chances they had , but U know , I wanted Milan to win ,

But Barcelona will be back to win next year gauruntee
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Bah, doesn't really matter who had more possession cuz Milan's defense still held up against Liverpool and MILAN WON!!! On a negative note though, I was one goal away from a right match (I bet 3-1).
The final was not very entertaining. Liverpool played better and conceded an unfortunate goal, and that second goal by inzaghi just finished it off. I was happy for the Milan players because they have had a tough season and still managed to win. Maldini deserved that one. Must have been wonderful for him. It must be a hell of a year for the players that won the World Cup and the Champion's League. Props to the Liverpool players for playing so well and not giving up. Kuyt finally got his goal, and I expect Liverpool to be challenging for the Prem next year.

Yeah it wasn't the best game, and honestly, Liverpool did control most of the game. However, just as mentioned above, it's what you do with all that possession. Liverpool had very few good chances, so it wasn't like they completely dominated. In fact I thought both teams didn't play well at all. Milan just finished off their chances, and that's what this is all about. I think if you look at the champions league as a whole, Milan certainly are a team that deserves it.
i thought it was a pretty entertaining game. certainly not as good as the one 2 years ago, but that's one of the best games i've ever seen in my lifetime. inzaghi was really lucky the first goal and on the second goal he was outstanding. Kaka, i felt, played a great game even though he was pretty quiet. he helped set up both goals if you remember.

Maybe if Gerrard and Riise didn't miss the chances they got...

I could have sworn that the first goal was a handball. :cry: I'll be crying myself to sleep tonight
KPatel wrote:
I could have sworn that the first goal was a handball

I agree. I can't find a replay to see where the ref was standing, or the linesmen. I'd be interested to know if they saw it, and let it go, or if they were not in the right position and thought the ball go off his chest or stomach.

Yeah the first one was a handball, but kaka' also got tripped in the box but they didnt call it.

^^Credit to Solid0Snake