Brazil Coach Dunga: Your Opinion

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Postby stef7 » 04 Jul 2007, 11:44

Brazil of old would play free flowing skillful football but now they seem too European to how they should be playing. They're supposed to be the nation that made tha game beautiful and with Dunga it doesn't seem that way.
Argentina are doing great, so they are the favourites to win the competition, not sure if Brazil will get to the final though

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Postby soccer11 » 04 Jul 2007, 16:48

i definitly think if they had all those good players like, ronaldo, ronaldinho, Kaka, and adriano they would be better. even if they only had like 2 of them it would be better than this.

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Postby soccerdude510 » 06 Jul 2007, 18:00

of course if Brazil played with ronaldinho,kaka,dida,and there star players it would be way better but..dunga wants Brazil to play the way Brazil use to play when Dunga played but the brazilian players are used to playing a different more classy style of play..and i believe dunga isnt into it that much
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Viva Mexico lets win the "Copa America"

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Postby pele4life » 07 Jul 2007, 02:14

ive disliked dunga since he played his first game with brazil, leaving out ronaldo, adriano, and ronaldinho if i remember correctly. He is way too defensive but since he was a defender i can see where he gets it from. Still i really think they need a brazilian style playing coach.

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Postby camposd10 » 10 Jul 2007, 17:41

Well ladies and gentleladies,

Brazil and Uruguay ( I hope I spelled that correctly) face off today in what maybe quite the exciting match. Being an avid Brazil supporter, I'm hoping they will qualify for the final, but in judging on their recent performances, God knows how well they're going to do. It maybe the Robinho show yet again, but maybe Uruguay will have it figured out that he's probably the man they've got to shut down.

Oh and how was Uruguay been performing thus far? I haven't kept track of their matches.

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Postby camposd10 » 16 Jul 2007, 05:31

well God damn, this whole thread has just been shut down by the Brazil win over Argentina, I'm forced to swallow my words as brazil did exactly what I thought they would not even be capable of, and that was winning the tournament

i still think Dunga should be sacked, sure they're winning, but they play like sissies considering they're reduced to counter-attacking, as opposed to being the attacking team

i personally think Argentina should have won, and deserved to win, but it just wasn't meant to be

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Postby rzadzinski » 16 Jul 2007, 06:10

I know it's not Brazil.

However, that style is paying dividends lately. Look at the U-20 World Cup, Poland beat Brazil with that style of play. Austria and Czech Republic are in the Semi-Finals with that style of play. Some of the attacking teams such as the US, Spain, Brazil are out while the shock of the good defensive teams are still in. So it can work, but it's just not Brazil I know that...
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