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how does freestyling help you in soccer (games)

if it does, in what ways
You can't really use freestyle in real games (I.e pulling an ATW in the box or something like that) but I think freestyle helps your confidence, it helps you to feel that you can pass any of their defenders. I think freestyle also helps with your balance.

shouldnt it also help you with your foot and passing skills, because you are juggling as you freestyle rite
It helps your touch but i don't think it would really help your passing skills.

bosnian nedim is right on the confidence part. i mean before i freestyled or played street football, i was a forward that only depended on speed and shot power. but now my confidence has increased and i bust a few moves here or there. so yea it does help your confidence.
Well What I'm sure is that it helps you with foot quickness,I mean when you freestyle you move your feet more quick to do an Atw and other tricks so you move your feet more fast.Other than that quick thinking(I think)and as the others said confidence,and most importantly touch
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I believe it gives a "feel" for the ball, and something to show off to your friends! That's the only thing I can really think of that someone else hasn't said.
Yeh it helps your feet agility and touch on the ball, look at Ronaldinho he doesn't do ATW in the game but his freestyling gives him amazing control.
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agreed, freestyling is like skateboarding tricks.

belija91 wrote:
Yeh it helps your feet agility and touch on the ball, look at Ronaldinho he doesn't do ATW in the game but his freestyling gives him amazing control.

How do you know it's his freestyle that gives him amazing control?

In theory, freestyle is about the ability to juggle with various combos like ATWs and so on. There are certain freestyle tricks that you can use during the game and normally in a very tight situation such as moments of magic produce by Ronaldinho.

Simple tricks like flicks such as toe flick can benefit in your football game. The hard part is when to use these moves during the game which obviously needs more football match experience and lots and lots of trial and error.

Unless if someone can invent a freestyle trick while moving with the. Example, ATW while moving or something like that!

Overall, freestyle may not be able to use during the games but benefits your footballing touches quite significantly. I'd try to think one, but normally i would use the simple tricks to pull off.

In my opinion, if a player can convert his freestyling tricks into a more efficient technique towards the game. Then freestyle is possible. For example, instead of doing atw stand still, maybe make an atw pass or something.

Ronaldinho made it possible to apply freestyle on the football match. So i expect to see more entertaining football plus freestyle in the next 10 - 20 years maybe. :)

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so far its helping my foot speed, and when i finally do a trick, it makes my happy :)
Well, read what happened to ajc and how freestyling helped him.

ajc wrote:
Hey guys, thank you for all the replies. At Bucknell it went pretty well. We were split up into teams, and on the second to last day my team was in 8th place so we played the one seed, which was the recruit team (Bucknell's incoming freshmen for their team). We ended up tying 1-1 and winning on PK's 5-4. The recruit team has won the camp championship every year since the camp started, so it was pretty crazy that we were able to knock them out. After that game we went to the semi-finals, where we lost 3-2, but I scored a really good goal. It was a volley from about 30 yards with my left foot which was a complete knuckle ball. It looked like it was going well over but at the last second it dipped just under the bar. Our opponent's coach came over to me afterwards and said it was the best goal of the camp. I still have to talk to Bucknell's coaches about what they thought of me.

The second camp I went to at Bloomsburg went even better. I was on fire almost the whole week. Bloomsburg's coaches came over to watch me play every day, and they told me they were very impressed. He said it's too early in the year for him to say he can guarantee me a roster spot and a scholarship, but everything he told me sounded great. My best highlights were probably scoring a goal from about 40-45 yards out when I caught the keeper off his line, or in training when I blasted a shot from 25 yards which hit the crossbar and literally knocked over the goal. One day Bloomsburg's assitant coach came to our training a little early and he and I did some freestyle tricks together. He was quite impressed with what I could do, so I guess practicing freestyling has actually helped my chances :)

Freestyles skills are amaizing and to be fair if you can perform than thn you need to have very good touch and by practicing them you can improve your touch. However I don't think you can use it that much in a game. I'm a defender and if a player tried to do ATW IO would knock him out....Lol! I'm serious.
Well it would help, unless you spend all of your time trying to juggle with your heels or practicing toe-balls I don't see anyway spending time with a soccer ball won't help.

You won't be pulling ATWs in a game or anything but the ability to keep close control of the ball will definitely increase.