Here's a video made by 21-year old Ashley. He shows off some juggling and dribbling combos.
Featuring: Ashley (21)
From: England

What do you think about the Ash Demo video?

its harder...and u'll be allright
well, it's not sensational but it's a good demo considering the amount of space you had.
expert wrote:
What do you think about the Ash Demo video?

quite good keep goin lad


that guy has the best name :wink::roll:
Ash wrote:
that guy has the best name :wink::roll:

10 bucks says u wont come back and u signed up just to tell him u had the same name as him 8)
thats actually pretty cool
lol i agree wit yung but hey ash i thought that was tite :D iam workin on a vid indoors because iam doin on my webcam but man mine will sukk cus i aint very good but anyways that was pretty koo :!:
good considering the amount of space.
Great video ash
hey is that a new video yung-ital...i watched it and it was pretty good :o
thanks man :)
whats da song in da videos name? :?:
great video man, it looked as tho u had like no space, u pulled it off, i liked it
good video and Many footstalls but they were smooth so nice job :D
thanx for the comments. yeh man i didnt have m uch space, had to use my webcam in my bro's room. its tight but i get through it.
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