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Post by Nart_Sosruqua »

Hi guys just wondering what's your opinion on this program:

Soccer Program
Soccer is a program dominated by leg strength and endurance. The lifting program will build powerful legs, while the cardio will give you the endurance of a marathon runner, and you'll need it. The training actually won't be complicated, and there won't be a whole lot, but that's only because you're going to be doing a lot of cardio.

The Training

Training will be a simple 5x5 program performed 3 days a week. There will be a push, pull, and leg day. For most exercises, sets and reps will be 5x5, and you will try to keep the same weight for all 5 sets. Make sure you're increasing the weight each week. Halfway through, we'll change up the exercises, but keep the same format. Don't forget to take a week off during the 12 weeks.

Weeks 1-6

Monday - Push

Bench Press - 5x5
Military Press - 5x5
Lying Tricep Extension - 5x5

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Monday - Push Workout, Weeks 1-6

Wednesday - Pull

Power Clean - 5x5
Bent Row - 5x5
Weighted Chinup - 5x5
Barbell Shrug - 3x10

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Wednesday - Pull Workout, Weeks 1-6

Friday - Legs

Squat - 5x5
Stiff Legged Deadlift - 5x5
Standing Calf Raise - 3x12
Weighted Hanging Leg Raises - 3x12

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Friday - Legs Workout, Weeks 1-6

Weeks 7-12

Monday - Push

Incline Dumbell Press - 5x5
Arnold Press - 5x5
Weighted Parallel Bar Dips - 5x5

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Monday - Push Workout, Weeks 7-12

Wednesday - Pull

Deadlift - 5x5
Weighted Pullup - 5x5
Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 5x5
Dumbell Shrug - 3x10

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Wednesday - Pull Workout, Weeks 7-12

Friday - Legs/Core

Front Squat - 5x5
Good Morning - 5x5
Seated Calf Raise - 3x12
Weighted Decline Crunches - 3x12

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Friday - Legs/Core Workout, Weeks 7-12

The Cardio

Cardio is where it's all at when you get to endurance sports like soccer, lacrosse, track, etc. We're going to use the same sprinting day as football has, but the other 2-3 days will be no picnic.

Day 1

Day 1 will be an endurance day tracked by distance. The distance you run will increase over the weeks. The weeks that maintain the same distance, you should be timing yourself, and you will beat your time every week. Here's a week by week breakdown:

Week 1 - 1 mile
Week 2 - 1 mile
Week 3 - 2 miles
Week 4 - 2 miles
Week 5 - 2 miles
Week 6 - 3 miles
Week 7 - 3 miles
Week 8 - 4 miles
Week 9 - 4 miles
Week 10 - 3 miles
Week 11 - 3 miles
Week 12 - 3 miles

Day 2

Day 2 is all about improving your sprinting speed. Distances will be kept the same; it's the time that you will be trying to increase. Have a partner or friend time how long each distance takes, and beat that time every week, whether it is by .5s or .05s.

Take enough time in between sprints to catch your breath and have full energy for the next sprint. Here's what day 2 looks like:

100m - Beat time from previous week.
80m - Beat time from previous week.
60m - Beat time from previous week.
50m - Beat time from previous week.
50m - Beat time from previous week.
40m - Beat time from previous week.
40m - Beat time from previous week.
40m - Beat time from previous week.
40m - Beat time from previous week.

Day 3

Day 3 is another endurance day, more fun. This time we'll be going by time, as opposed to distance on day 1. Don't just walk or lightly jog for the time, you should be at a fast jog/run for the time. You should be beating your total distance covered each time you repeat the same time ran. Here's a week by week time list:

Week 1 - 30 minutes
Week 2 - 30 minutes
Week 3 - 35 minutes
Week 4 - 35 minutes
Week 5 - 35 minutes
Week 6 - 40 minutes
Week 7 - 40 minutes
Week 8 - 40 minutes
Week 9 - 40 minutes
Week 10 - 45 minutes
Week 11 - 45 minutes
Week 12 - 45 minutes

Day 4

Day 4 will be introduced Week 7, and will be very simple. You get the first 6 weeks to get into better shape if you haven't already. What you'll do is just run 2 miles, and you will beat your time each week. By Week 7, two miles should be a piece of cake, so don't complain.

That is the soccer program. Once completed, you should be able to burn your entire team on a mile run if your coach makes you run one. You will also start because you will be one of the only ones that can hustle full speed the entire game.
The problem is I don't see any agility or Plyrometric exercises?!?

Is it at least good for strength, cardio and speed training? :?
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Post by dareliss »

awesome thanks for that.
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Post by ~Dynamic_Dinamo~ »

This seems like a very good routine. I'll have to give it a go during my next off season.
As for the lack of agility and plyometrics, I think you could modify day 2 of cardio to add in agility and modify day 1 or 2 of weight training to add plyometrics if you really wanted to.
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Post by Nart_Sosruqua »

Well for me Plyometrics is a must so i will probably sneak some drills on the 3rd week.

I haven't done any plyometrics for years. My jump is right now average... But geneticaly both my mother and father could jump really high so I wanna see if I have it too 8)

6-4 - 194 cm + Good heading:
I am already good in air but wanna get better:
Need to jump higher!!! :D

Glad it helped dareliss, although its not my work I dont deserve any credit
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Post by adnankhan »

that suck.....wat about the people who dont have weights. :oops: :oops:
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Post by Magicfeet »

They should get some. If you want to put on muscle, you should get some weights. Simple. Alternatively, find a routine which doesn't require them, and don't just moan in this thread because it's catered for more serious bodybuilders than yourself.
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Re: Soccer fitness Program

Post by expert »

Nart_Sosruqua wrote:The problem is I don't see any agility or Plyrometric exercises?!?
No this is not a problem. Why do you assume that their routine should have EVERY single type of exercise? There is not signle 'perfect' routine that everybody should follow. A routine is simply a way of reaching a goal and everybody has different goals.
By the way, their routine doesn't include intervals either. On day 3 they tell you to work on speed but that's not really an interval drill such as this or that one.
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Post by sjr_1490 »

if you're playing soccer on these off days, you guys think that would be sufficient for plyos/agility and even cardio? unless of course you don't play very hard. lets face it, you cover all 3 in a soccer match.

this is a good basic program for soccer. if you don't have any weights, find a local gym or ymca that does. the ymca here charges $21 a month for a membership and i know its lower in other places. if that isn't possible, i could find ya some body weight exercises.
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Post by Max_Letni »

adnankhan wrote:that suck.....wat about the people who don't have weights. :oops: :oops:

perhaps we can substitute weights in your fitness program () and integrate push ups to improve your current fitness plan ([url=

I'm always keeping an open-eye on things; visit for enhanced videos, fitness plan tutorials, tips and more!

Thanks for your community contribution, I appreciate it :-D

+Max Letni
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Post by pickyourheadup »

edit: oh snap Icy, my bad. I didn't even read Max's post all the way through.

Good catch. 8)
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Post by Icy »

Max no need to bump a post from almost 3 years ago with what is more or less spam.
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Post by Kattle »

For Cardio it ends on Day 4. For Days 5, 6, and 7 should I do some interval training/agility or plyos?
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Post by panchester07 »

Defenitely go for the agility
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